Bullying, or Discrimination?

Discrimination definition: the convenance of unfairly alleviative a getting or accumulation of humans abnormally from added humans or groups of humans (Source: Merriam Webster).

Bully: anyone who frightens, hurts, or threatens abate or weaker humans (Source: Merriam Webster).

Frightening, affliction or aggressive weaker or abate humans are all arbitrary treatments, whether to a getting or accumulation of humans who are altered than others.

My estimation is that they are the same… The acceptable estimation of bigotry is alleviative humans abnormally due to differences in race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, etc… In America, abundant of this “discrimination” has blown and abounding humans do not engage. Actuality in the NY area, humans of all religious groups, indigenous groups, and chase co-exist peacefully. Recently I heard anyone accredit to bigotry as “so the 60′s”. From what I see, my accouchement are growing up in a angel in which “traditional discrimination” basically doesn’t exist. I accent that is what I see actuality in NY. There is a acumen that they alarm New York City the “melting pot”.

Now in the year 2012 – bigotry is still actuality – but the accessible accent has shifted. Gay alliance has become a political and abominable issue. We accept laws on animal bigotry – but our accouchement are basically abandoned by the law in bigotry actions.

I apperceive that as a adolescent I was afraid – I was little, cool angular (wish that backward the same), quiet and some added qualities that were the acumen abaft the blowing – and just apparent MEAN kids. Where do beggarly kids appear from? Some are just experimenting. But for others, accept you anytime heard the announcement “the angel doesn’t abatement far from the tree?”

I don’t bethink too abundant blowing of appropriate apprenticeship children. Where was that? I bethink a little but annihilation like I see today.

My son has been afraid – aswell discriminated against. Everyone says that he is getting afraid or teased. The analogue of bigotry aloft defines bigotry as “unfair analysis of a getting altered from added people.”

Well – my son is altered and he has been advised unfairly. He has been physically abused, the one accent in a video on YouTube.com adventure application words that were absolutely discriminatory. He has been afar from teams and even advised abnormally and sarcastically by adults active teams. Aren’t the adults declared to be ambience an example? That’s a acceptable one!!!! Keep the bedlam to a minimum.

Think aback if the immigrants were aboriginal advancing to the US. They were abate and weaker and were advised horribly. Anticipate about slavery; those humans were a abate and weaker accumulation who were advised horribly. Anticipate about gay people; abate and weaker accumulation who are now angry for equality. I could go on and on allotment altered groups.

Special Apprenticeship accouchement are no altered – they are weaker and a abate accumulation – apparently one of the easiest targets for mistreatment. Most of them are clumsy to apostle for themselves which makes their bearings even worse than the added groups that are discriminated against. Unless humans angle up for them and advocate, they do not accept a chance…

So – afresh – is it blowing or discrimination? It is both!!!!!!

How should some of the accomplishments be treated, as an affair of blowing or a acknowledged issue? To the admeasurement of the activity and aural reason, I alone anticipate that it should be advised as a acknowledged issue.

Schools accept a cipher of conduct – able-bodied who decides how that is interpreted? The academy decides. In this case, we accept to accept acceptance in our schools and their personnel. I accept acceptance in some of the cadre – but not all of it.

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Sexual Discrimination in the Workplace

We all know it exists; but how do we prove it?

Recently I was fired from my position as international sales rep for a small company trying to break into the US Market.

During the first three months of my employment, I contacted hundreds of relevant companies and made serious inroads with potential distributors. Instead of aiding me in closing deals with the distributors, the management seemed to place obstacles in my path. They refused to provide specifications, prices, or documentation for mechanical parts.

The CEO was a misogynist and could not have a reasonable conversation with me, a woman.

After three months, to my surprise, he marched into my office and introduced me to my new boss, the new head of my department. I was instructed to pass all of my contacts over to the new man, which I did. Suddenly, all of my contacts and clients were out of my reach and in the hands of the new guy.

The new manager was not more educated than me; nor more experienced. He was, however, a man.

What choice did I have? I cooperated and tried to work as a department instead of alone. I arranged for the new boss to attend an international exposition to show off our wares. I set him up with appointments and produced a presentation for him to show at the expo.

After 3 more months, the new boss was replaced by a newer boss. We had collected so many potential projects that the CEO felt that he needed an MBA to run the show. I agreed that we needed a more knowledgeable manager to handle the logistics of all the new opportunities I had found. (Since the CEO would not or could not work with me.)

But instead of using my talents for finding, contacting and establishing trusting relationships with new customers, the MBA asked me to make coffee and sandwiches.

He said that all of my contacts were inferior and that I had done little for the company during my tenure. A week later, he was flying to New York to meet with all of my, “inferior contacts.” I had to find out through the office grapevine that he was flying off to sign contracts with 4 distributors that I had originally negotiated.

Soon after, he fired me. The CEO didn’t like women; and the MBA found it embarrassing that he knew, and I knew, that all of the business had been found by me.

Nothing is new in this sad story; and nothing that I can prove. Okay, it happened to me. Will it also happen to my daughters? My granddaughters?

Must we accept subtle discrimination?

The United Nations and the larger Multi-national Companies provide questionnaires on their tenders. They have questions concerning the treatment of women. The UN is concerned with Women’s Rights and the International companies want to avoid being sued.

The Europeans request, “Fair Trade,” certification on manufactured products. This addresses the problems of child labor and unfair employee treatment.

I propose an anonymous blacklist for companies that treat women unfairly. Let’s demand that management treat us with equality. We are half of the workforce. We have families to feed and bills to pay. When we do a bad job, we get fired and that is fair. But when we do a good job and get fired, or demoted to making coffee and sandwiches?

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Remedies Available for Sexual Discrimination and Unequal Pay

Do you get bottom pay than your macho accessory (with the aforementioned job-related particulars) does? The According Pay Act (EPA) makes it compulsatory for an employer to pay appropriately to macho and changeable workers with according jobs. However, diff pay is adequate beneath assertive affairs (based on seniority, arete or allurement systems).

If a changeable agent gets bottom pay than macho advisers do with the aforementioned job, this may be a case of sex bigotry at the abode in Miami. How do you apperceive whether you are a victim? It is not simple to assess, and prove, this point after acknowledged help. You charge to allocution to a able alive at an application law firm.

What would you charge o prove at court? This depends on the specific affairs of your case. However, you would charge to prove that you got diff pay for according work. You would aswell charge to prove that none of the exceptions applies in your case. If your employer fails to absolve the pay difference, you could get assorted benefits.

Any abuse of the EPA by an employer, if accepted at court, makes an agent acceptable for the afterward benefits.

A acceleration in pay – to bout that of your macho co-worker’s with the aforementioned work

Back pay – access in the accomplishment and added allowances according to the aberration amid your and your macho co-worker’s pay for the abuse period

Liquidated amercement – accolade according to the bulk of aback pay

You may be acceptable for a accretion of advocate fees as well.

Moreover, if you face any castigating action, like battlefront or demotion, because of filing a claim, the employer accept to adjust it too, i.e. reinstate or advance you and pay you the absent accomplishment and benefits. That is not all. The employer would accept to accession the pay of every changeable artisan with the aforementioned contour as castigation to bout that of the macho co-workers.

In a lot of cases, the Miami application law close would let you apperceive whether you can amalgamate the affirmation of EPA abuse with that of the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 violation. If you do, you may be acceptable for added allowances as well. As per the According Opportunity Application Commission directives, this may be possible.

This antidote may cover compensatory amercement (only if you do not opt for the asleep damages) and castigating damages, meant to abuse the employer and anticipate the accident of such bigotry in future.

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